University of Waikato

MAOR570: Te Mahi Rangahau: Māori, Pacific & Indigenous Research Methods & Issues

MAOR518: Māori, Indigeneity and Criminal Justice

PSY321: Violence in New Zealand

PSY311: Community Psychology

PSY309: Psychology & Women

syracuse University

NAT300: Indigenous Women’s Lives: Culture, Colonization, Resistance

NAT490: Independent Study: Native American Law & Belonging

NAT690: Independent Study: Indigenous Women's Lives

WGS101: Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies 

CFE776: Gender, Culture, and Education

HNR210: Introduction to Political Culture & Practice


Ithaca College

WGS240 Indigenous Women’s Lives: Culture, Colonization, Resistance

WGS101: Introduction to Women’s Studies: Global Perspectives

SOC135: Contemporary Global Issues


Colgate University

EDU101: The American School

EDU303: Gender, Education & International Development


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writing lives on land

Writing Lives On Land is a scaffolded writing series wherein indigenous, settler, and migrant participants use story-work to theorize belonging, identity, citizenship, and nation. Together we write genealogies of home, family, place, and (indigenous/settler) encounter. The series is offered in both workshop and course formats and has been implemented in classrooms at Ithaca College, Syracuse University, and Elmira College. To schedule a workshop or course contact Dr Cavino at

Writing Lives On Land is indebted to the scholarship, praxis, and mentoring of sister Dr Marcelle Haddix's Writing Our Lives project - nga mihi Marcelle!


Pohokura logo by Chanz Mikaere @ Onekura. Pohokura is one of several kaitiaki (guardians) left by the author’s maternal ancestors on Mōkai Pātea (Aotearoa/New Zealand) tribal territory. Copyright © Hayley Marama Cavino 2018. All Rights Reserved.